Hey, I'm Travis!

Web Designer


Personal and Small Businesses.

How I can Help

Custom websites that reflect your brand!

Security, website, and organizing updates.



Develop websites highlighting beauty, creativity, and simplicity


Responsive to all devices, caring for interaction-flow and security


Start strong with a foundation utilizing frames, maps, and flows


JavaScript, HTML, and CSS experience and know how

About Me

Travis Redwood

Hey, I’m Travis! I’m a web designer, building web sites for small businesses and personal ventures.

Aside from web design, I consider myself a general technologist. I specialize in various parts of the web. From web development,  IT, and project management – I can offer more than just design related work.

I pride myself on putting my clients needs first. Maybe it’s due to the many years working in restaurants; aiming to exceed expectations.

 Throughout my experience in web services, I’ve supported individuals and small businesses to get their online presence together and be shared with the world. I’ve assisted campaigns and organizations improve their web security, email services, and overall online presence.  My goal is to deliver a product that tells the story of my client’s dream that they can be proud of.

I believe everyone has a streak of creativity that resides within them, I’d be happy to bring your creative ideas to life.

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 "Everything you can imagine is real."- Pablo Picasso