Travis Redwood

Nice of you to visit!

I'm a customer success professional. "Customer Success" has been adopted by Saas but frankly, it ranges throughout my roles and expereince.

I start projects with the customer's expereince in mind. Make decisions with consideration of the ideal customer's adoption. Design solutions that improve the the customer's success.

Professional Snapshot

Start-up Culture

I'm accustomed to working with limited resources and making things happen. Start-up environments make you think, differently, creatively, and resourcefully.

Forces you to use an array of tools. Some free some paid. The paid ones are a bit of a luxury. The free ones build character. Learning to ramp on the fly with never before seen tools is always a good time.

Hospitable touch

My professional foundation was built on skills gained in hospitality management. I've seen it all: people, conflict, financials, and inventory management

I intimately understand the importance of teamwork. Many people talk about 'teamwork,' but I lived it, influenced it, and fostered environments that believe it.

Consulting and Advisory

Use data to build conviction about suggestive decisions. Communicate the details and outline a plan of action that's scalable. Implement changes accordingly.